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Beauty Tips

Popular Beauty Tips

Another popular option is that of cluster lashes, which are often grouped into small clusters, and then applied. This conserves far more time than applying individual lashes. Check out these Lashes to get professionally done lashes, it usually costs an average of $100, and it is a very intricate process.  And of course, individual lashes require a painstaking installation process, one that confers the advantage of a far more natural look. 

Additional alternatives include the use of store bought lashes, which is one of the most natural ways to go about it. This can last for up to two months, and this process actually adds and length and volume to the lashes without harming your real lashes. Some people opt for permanent lashes, which is technically similar to a breast transplant. During this process, a qualified professional will take a skin graft from the neck region, use it on your eyelid, along with the hair follicles, and allow the lashes to grow. These lashes, however, require routine trimming.

You Need a Professional Service

It is critical to have a professional install these lashes. They understand lash growth, the factors that affect lash growth, and even the difference between lashes at different stages of development. For this reason, they know exactly where to install each lash. This makes it possible to achieve your desired look without removing your lashes.

Once your lashes are installed, it is critical that you care for them in a manner that preserves your natural lashes. Do not tug at them, or remove them without first weakening the adhesive.

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